Movement of flying-foxes in the Reserve

The location of the flying-fox camp within the Ku-ring-gai flying-fox reserve has not been constant in the forty-five years for which records exist. The location of the roost area has shifted periodically, possibly partially in a reaction to damage to roost trees; but also as a result of varying numbers of animals roosting in the reserve. The oldest records (from 1971) show the flying-foxes roosting at the extreme western end of the reserve; since then they have moved steadily eastwards, and more recently – within the last ten years – to the northern extents of the reserve, in close proximity to houses. There is an understanding and expectation that at some stage in the future, the location of the camp will move again.

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Changing distribution over time of flying-foxes in the Ku-ring-gai Flying-fox Reserve, Gordon. Labelled areas show approximate distribution of flying-fox roost areas in 1984; 1989-1990; 2007; and 2017.