Bat Rescue

It is important that you do not attempt to touch an injured or ill flying-fox.

Instead, for assistance or further advice, contact any of the following:

  • Your nearest wildlife rescue organisation
  • Your local council, who may be able to direct you to a rescue organisation

What to do until help arrives

  • If the bat is on the ground cover it with a box, washing basket or similar
  • If the bat is low in a tree, do not touch or disturb it
  • If the bat is tangled in loose netting, do not disturb it as this will only distress the animal and cause it to become even more entangled
  • Keep children and pets away until the rescue has been completed

Banded flying-foxes

Rehabilitated and orphaned flying-foxes are banded with a metal ring on the thumb (the finger which is separate from the wing) before release. If you can, without touching the bat, check whether the bat is banded. If it is:

  • If the animal is alive, advise the rescue organisation that it is banded.
  • If the animal is dead then ideally the band and body should be collected. However, if no one is able to collect it, please note the number on the band, the place and date when found and report this to Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme, before safely disposing of the body.

Can I keep a flying-fox as a pet?

It is illegal and unsafe to keep a flying-fox as a pet. To raise one you must:

Have a licence from NPWS
Belong to a licensed wildlife care group
Be immunised
Be trained in the care of flying-foxes

Bat Rescue in Sydney

Contact: WIRES
Phone: 13 000 WIRES – 1300 094 737

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services
Phone:  02 9413 4300

Bat Rescue