Flying-foxes warmly welcomed at Centennial Park

Flying-foxes warmly welcomed at Centennial Park Flying-foxes rarely receive a warm welcome, but Centennial Park in Sydney is taking advantage of peoples’ curiosity about these amazing mammals and is attracting more visitors to the park with a series of tours.

Battling the heat

The recent extreme heat events along the east coast have taken their toll on wildlife, with flying-foxes being badly affected, particularly pups and juveniles. Rescuers and carers are having to deal with unprecedented numbers of dead or injured animals. The

Give a “batty” gift this Christmas!

Give a “batty” gift this Christmas! Looking for Christmas gift ideas?  Here’s one – a great book to read with younger children. Warambi Warambi is a little bentwing-bat – when her home in the forest is destroyed, she finds herself separated

Keeping track of flying-foxes – new research paper published

Keeping track of flying-foxes – new research paper published A recently-published research paper documents the satellite-tracking of 14 flying-foxes, with implications for the management of flying-fox camps. “Long-Distance and Frequent Movements of the Flying-Fox Pteropus poliocephalus: Implications for Management.” Published

Disturbing and dispersing bats- good or bad idea?

KBCS position on flying-fox camps KBCS does not support the disturbance of flying-fox camps, including the current noise disturbance at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Disturbance of established camps is likely to result in flying-foxes moving to less desirable sites, for

Figs – a flying-fox favourite

A fig feast is taking place along the east coast of Australia from now until July.  Flying-foxes and birds such as figbirds and bowerbirds are enjoying their fill.  A feast for flying-foxes The Port Jackson or Rusty Fig (Ficus rubiginosa)

Turpentines – good licking

Turpentines – good licking for flying-foxes Nectar and pollen: a balanced diet for flying- foxes Turpentines will soon be flowering. Listen for flying-foxes in them at night.  Nectar Nectar forms in the centre of each flower at night. This carbohydrate