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Date: Saturday 20 February 2016.  Time: 6.30 pm – 8.15 pm What’s on: meet live flying-foxes up close (in a safe environment), your questions answered, displays, craft activities for kids, refreshments, watch the spectacular nightly fly-out approximately 20 minutes after dusk from Rosedale

Time to keep an eye on powerlines

You’ve seen a dead bat on power lines? Does it matter? After all lots of bats (and possums) come to grief on power lines. While most of the year the body could just hang there until decayed enough to drop, now

Flying-foxes warmly welcomed at Centennial Park

Flying-foxes warmly welcomed at Centennial Park Flying-foxes rarely receive a warm welcome, but Centennial Park in Sydney is taking advantage of peoples’ curiosity about these amazing mammals and is attracting more visitors to the park with a series of tours.

Battling the heat

The recent extreme heat events along the east coast have taken their toll on wildlife, with flying-foxes being badly affected, particularly pups and juveniles. Rescuers and carers are having to deal with unprecedented numbers of dead or injured animals. The

Give a “batty” gift this Christmas!

Give a “batty” gift this Christmas! Looking for Christmas gift ideas?  Here’s one – a great book to read with younger children. Warambi Warambi is a little bentwing-bat – when her home in the forest is destroyed, she finds herself separated

Keeping track of flying-foxes – new research paper published

Keeping track of flying-foxes – new research paper published A recently-published research paper documents the satellite-tracking of 14 flying-foxes, with implications for the management of flying-fox camps. “Long-Distance and Frequent Movements of the Flying-Fox Pteropus poliocephalus: Implications for Management.” Published

Disturbing and dispersing bats- good or bad idea?

KBCS position on flying-fox camps KBCS does not support the disturbance of flying-fox camps, including the current noise disturbance at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Disturbance of established camps is likely to result in flying-foxes moving to less desirable sites, for

Figs – a flying-fox favourite

A fig feast is taking place along the east coast of Australia from now until July.  Flying-foxes and birds such as figbirds and bowerbirds are enjoying their fill.  A feast for flying-foxes The Port Jackson or Rusty Fig (Ficus rubiginosa)