638f6baf3a2bdb8df63f99046456b5aeElizabeth Hartnell Research Grant

KBCS sponsors a grant of $500 to support a research study at honours, master’s or doctoral level into some aspect of the biology or ecology of bats in the Sydney region.  The grant is made with the proviso that the results are published in the form of a thesis, a copy of which becomes the property of KBCS, and that the successful applicant makes a short informal presentation at a meeting of KBCS members describing the execution of the project and the results obtained.

The amount available to be awarded as an Elizabeth Hartnell Research Grant may be accumulated so that the maximum amount available to be awarded in any year is the total of the amount derived by accumulating, at the rate of $500 per annum, amounts for this purpose since the year in which the most recent grant was approved.



The project must be relevant to the conservation of bats and their habitat in the Sydney region.

Project Design

Applicants should describe the objectives of the study, the proposed methodology, the expected duration and the intended manner of disseminating the results.   .

Supervisory Support

The research project must be approved and regularly monitored by a suitably qualified and experienced person, normally a duly appointed member of the academic staff of the university.


The applicant must obtain all necessary licences and approvals from relevant authorities such as the local Council and the university ethics committee.


Applications should contain:

  • Researcher’s name and contact details.
  • The University, Faculty and School, and the degree level
  • Name and contact details of research supervisor.
  • A brief dissertation outlining the aims and methodology of the project with particular reference to the assessments criteria.

:Applications must be submitted to: web@sydneybats.org.au